Summer Weeks

At MPS, our goal is to provide an atmosphere for your child that encourages their development and growth: socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Some activities your child will enjoy are:

  • Storytime
  • Music & Movement
  • Open Ended/Process Arts
  • Exposure to letters, numbers, shapes and colors
  • Listening and Speaking Skills 

Early Drop-Off

​We know life can be hectic. Our additional programs are designed to support your child’s growth and discovery while easing your busy schedule. Our staff will commit to meeting your needs..

​Classes offered on M/W/F,  T/TH & M-F

​9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • Pre-Math Concepts
  • Science & Nature Explorations
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • All-Inclusive, Diverse Environment
  • Recess & Gross Motor 

Early Drop off may start at 8:15 AM and will depend on enrollment, please contact the Director for more information.

Bunnies ​(2.9 & 3's), Monkeys (4's) & Butterflies (Pre-K)

Ducks 15-33 mos     Caterpillars 2.9-3s      BUTTERFLIES 3.5-4s    OWLS 4.5-6

All Current & Future students (ages 15 months - 6 years)

​For Summer, MPS offers 6 weeks of Summer fun! You may register for any and/or all weeks at the time of registration. Registration opens in March.

Summer 2023: June 20-August 4th (Closed July 3rd-7th)

- Our OWLs Class will provide a continuation of learning through varied styles and mediums designed to empower each child with skills needed for Kindergarten readiness. It is a place and time to expand on what we have already learned both socially and academically - giving a chance for the wise ol' owl to learn on a higher level.

The class is also designed to stimulate imagination and energy with a curriculum rich in a variety of tactile, auditory, and visual experiences to promote hands-on exploration. 


- Our BUTTERFLY Class is especially designed for the younger preschool student starting at 2 years 9 months. Students will start to "spread their wings" as they learn more about their abilities and self awareness. This class will help children morph into confident, kind and empathetic peers!  Hurry though, this class fills quickly and often has a wait list!

- Our DUCKS Class  is designed to guide our little ones with hands-on learning, self & social awareness, and the ability to feel secure when away from home. Our Ducks will engage in play, socialize with peers and begin to love school that will build awareness in routines and structure. We started our Ducks class as we realized our current students had younger siblings who wanted to be part of the fun, too!

The MPS CURRICULUM aligns with the Department of Early Education & Care standards of preschool excellence and we also follow the Massachusetts Frameworks for Preschool Learning Experiences.  In addition, we integrate The Handwriting Without Tears program to familiarize students with early writing and beginning sounds.

Our math program utilizes manipulatives to make hands-on learning fun! Curriculum is shared through a monthly classroom newsletter to each family.

Our philopsohy aligns with a Reggio approach to social/emotional learning in the classroom. 

All our classrooms integrates developmentally appropriate lessons with a thematic approach using differentiated instruction to accommodate all learning styles.  When planning our curriculum, we strive to ensure that your child's learning is maximized but also their individual needs for growth and development; socially, emotionally & cognitively.