Little Bunnies ​(2.9 & 3), Monkeys  (3 & young 4's) & Butterflies (4's)

  • cooking
  • local field trips (price included in tuition)
  • science & nature activities
  • birthday & holiday celebrations
  • gross motor activities & outdoor play 
  • nut-free snacks provided by preschool (included in tuition)

​You can drop off your child at MPS as early as 8:30 am, Monday through Friday. Teachers will meet you and your child at the classroom door.  The fee for this option is $10 per day and you must sign up for this in advance.

​Our students have two options with LBC. The first option is to join the Lunch Only Bunch from 12:00 - 12:45 pm, Monday thru Friday. Your child will enjoy their healthy nut-free lunch, prepared by you, with children from all classrooms. It’s a nice time to socialize and refuel!  The other option is for your child to stay from 12:00-2:30.  Your child will enjoy informal teaching, arts & crafts, gross motor activities, and outdoor play, after munching with the Bunch.  The fee for Lunch Only until 12:45 is $10 per day and $20 per day for LBC until 2:30.  * LBC is offered most school days but not guaranteed unless otherwise arranged with the Director.  Monthly or daily sign-up for this program is available.  

Our Monkey Classes are designed for 3 year old's and your 4's to stimulate your child's imagination and energy with a curriculum rich in a variety of tactile, auditory, and visual experiences to promote hands-on exploration. This class is intended to foster the development of social and self-help skills as well as build self-confidence. At MPS, we help your child make a successful break from home, while becoming familiar with a group setting.  

Our Little Bunnies Class is specially designed for the younger preschool student starting at 2.9 years.  Some students are ready for preschool, but they just need a smaller and more personalized preschool experience to gain the confidence needed to be as successful as they can be.  The Little Bunnies class fits these needs perfectly!  Hurry though, this class fills quickly and often has a wait list.  

Our CURRICULUM aligns with the NAEYCstandards of preschool excellence and we also follow the Massachusetts Frameworks for Preschool Learning Experiences.  In addition, we use The Handwriting Without Tears program and Lively Letters to teach our alphabet.  Our math program uses manipulatives to make hands-on learning fun!  All of our teachers email parents the monthly curriculum for each class with creative and thought out lessons for all subject areas.  This way, parents can communicate more effectively with their children what they are learning in school.   Weekly newsletters are sent to parents as well so you are informed of what is happening in your child's classroom.

All of our programming integrates developmentally appropriate lessons with a thematic approach using differentiated instruction to accommodate all learning styles.  We use Best Practice when planning our curriuculum to ensure that your child's learning is maximized.   Every student leaves our school with a binder portfolio that is lovingly put together by our teachers which includes photos, and examples of your child's growth physically (both fine and gross motor skills), socially & emotionally & cognitively.  We have a formal graduation for all our Pre-k students at the end of the year!

Our ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS are second to none!!!!!  At MPS, we believe a well-rounded student has the best chance at success.  Therefore, all of our classes receive the following enrichment activities throughout their time at MPS:

Music & Movement classes, Tony The Drummer, Berlin Apple Orchards Field trip, Animal Adventures Program, and visits from the fire department (and their truck!!!) and the dentist!  Pre-K students take field trips to The Westboro TV Station and the library.  Every year, we put on a school-wide themed art show, Dad's Night, Mother's Day Teas, Pumpkins & Pajamas Event, Potluck Dinner and more!   

Programs & Curriculum

​We know life can be hectic. Our additional programs are designed to support your child’s growth and discovery while easing your busy schedule. The same outstanding MPS staff will meet you and your child for Early Drop-Off, munch with the Lunch Bunch, and lead the Lunch Bunch Crew (LBC). Our services are available on an as-needed basis. Contact us now!

​Classes offered on M/W/F,  T/TH & M-F

​9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Early Drop-Off

Our Bunny & Butterfly classes provide a continuation of learning through varied styles and mediums designed to empower each child with skills needed for Kindergarten readiness. It is a place and time to expand on what we have already learned both socially and academically - a chance to “spread wings” and grow, thus taking lessons to a higher level.

All Current & Future students (ages 2.9 and above) can sign-up for our Summer Program which includes variety of activities from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.  There is a fee for this program and sign-ups begin in Spring.   This program begins the week after school ends and last for 2 weeks.  You can choose any combination of days or all days!

Lunch Bunch Crew (LBC)

Summer Camp

At MPS, our goal is to provide an atmosphere for your child that encourages their development and growth: socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Some activities your child will enjoy are:

  • sharing & conversation time
  • reading stories
  • songs & finger plays
  • creative art activities
  • exposure to shapes, colors, numbers & letters